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  Is now in the region has 11 branches and 29 sales department, a total of 41 branches and outlets to cover the entire area.


  China Travel Service Of Ningxia Co., LTD

  Chaoyang shop

  Both branch

  Shizuishan branch, Dawukou branch, Zhongwi Branch, Xiji branch, WuZhong branch, Qingtongxia branch,Zhongning branch, Pingluo branch , Alashan branch, Dingbian branch, Huinong branch

  The sales department in the province

  Zhengyuan Street business department、Yuhuangge business department、New business department、Nanxun Road Business Department、Qing Street business department、Oil City Sales Department、Helan Sales Department、Metro Beijing Road Sales Department、Big world sales department、Phoenix tablet Sales Department、Lingwu business department、Xinhua Street Sales Department、Zhongshan Street Sales Department、Hubin Street business department、Shanghai Road Sales Department、Xinhua West Street Sales Department、Twenty-one small business department、The liberation Street business department、The entertainment Street business department、Gulou Street Central Business Department、Wuzhong Yumin Street business department、Ethnic Street Sales Department、Yuhuangge Street business department、Yongning Tourist Service Center、Jinfeng District Sales Department、Shanghai Road Sales Department、Yanchi County Business Department、Huinong Street business department、Dawukou District, Helan Road Sales Department

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