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  We are the chief quality tourism services in ningxia, we are one of the fastest growing market in ningxia travel agency.

  Ningxia China travel service was founded in 1991, after 20 years of business development, presently for ningxia travel association unit, a member of the Chinese association of travel service, ningxia five-star agencies, ningxia tourism qualification. Company registered capital of 5 million yuan, is the earliest, ningxia tourism business, the most widely, the largest and best reputation, one of the highest professional quality travel agency.


  In January 2010 to participate in the autonomous region government, the organization's civilization tourism, industrial and commercial bureau and tourism bureau club contest, won the 2009-2014 regional civilization title of travel agency.

  In November 2010, ningxia CTS send the Courier took part in the tour guide contest area tourism, there are two guides were obtained in the "ten best tour guides" and "excellent tour guides" award.

  Company gained in ningxia in 2011 top ten travel club, "integrity unit of ningxia tourism industry, the enhancement construction of ningxia tourism industry advanced collective honor; Review audit smoothly through the ningxia four-star travel agency. Four employees were ten best guide of 2011 in ningxia autonomous region tourism administration, virtue guides, the magnitude of a smile.

  In 2012, the company has passed the acceptance of ningxia tourism industry standardization pilot unit and the comparison inspection of ningxia tourism five-star travel agencies, tour guides Guo Leilei won the honor of national excellent tour guides.

  In 2013 was elected to the ningxia travel agency association unit, established the company in ningxia tourism industry leading position.

  In 2014, the successful operation of 240 sorties charter flights, entry at the end of the event industry first.

  In 2015, ningxia CTS implement marketing revenue was 140 million yuan, total number of breakthroughs in eighty thousand mark.

  In 2016 won the China national tourism administration, awarded the national advanced unit of civilization tourism, and ningxia only included in the travel agency

  The team advantage

  Ningxia air source tourist automobile co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as air source) is approved by the autonomous region road transport administration, the ningxia hui autonomous region bureau of industry and commerce registration of a professional tourist automobile companies. In 2014 in order to optimize the integration of tourism resources, make travel the whole industry chain, ningxia CTS investment holdings, be the first big shareholder air source.

  At present, the company has eight commercial vehicles to 61 luxury bus, all kinds of vehicles 166 vehicles, apply to the government large conference car, foreign affairs reception, meeting and sightseeing, unit of commuting, schools, travel agencies and other groups. Companies adhere to the "safety first, service first, reputation first" for service tenet, with safe operation, high quality, high standard, high efficiency of good quality, and established a solid position in area tourist transport industry, enterprises, institutions and the tourism industry in the entire district set a good corporate image, get high marks.

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