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A day at the charm of ningxia

  Boat tour sand lakes landscape, through the film dreamland - A day at the charm of ningxia


  At 7:00 in the morning at the drum tower block set on foot, alongside sands, the sand water connected to lake national AAAAA level scenic nature sand lakes for its magic imagination, in the beautiful and richly endowed the ningxia plain, drew the outline of the sand and out of the 80 - square - kilometer lake match, water is linked together with day magnificent picture.

  After the 11:30 with Chinese food, car to visit a "Oriental Hollywood" said the west film studio ZhenBeiBao red sorghum ever captured here, "a Chinese Odyssey", "new dragon inn", "security", "thorn ling" and so on many famous award-winning films, which fascinate you surprise, refreshing.

  Ticket to visit the national AAAA level scenic area to helan mountain rock paintings it recorded the ancient human in the 3000 years ago to 10000 years ago, herding, hunting, sacrifice, war and dance entertainment life scenes, is the study of the human cultural history, religious history, primitive art and cultural treasure house.

  18:30 to visit the national AAA level scenic spots, medlar garden in 2013 was named the "autonomous regional cultural industry demonstration base". With the extensive and profound Chinese wolfberry culture as the background, the Yellow River as the source, with great concentration mining in four thousand the history treasure of the Chinese wolfberry, fully display the history and culture, of ningxia and Chinese wolfberry industry present situation, the scientific research, etc.

  After returning to yinchuan end a pleasant journey.

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