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A day at the desert amorous feelings

  Camel, slippery sand, sit sheepskin raft - A day at the desert amorous feelings

  At 7:00 in the morning after the drum tower block set on foot, by bus to the central defender.

  After lunch visit the most beautiful one of the five desert in China's national AAAAA level scenic spot [China] descending set, the Yellow River, mountains, desert oasis is an organic whole, both in the northwest of the grand scenery, and the beauty of jiangnan scenery. Rich and unique natural landscape, cultural landscape, by tourism industry experts praised as the world monopoly of tourism resources.

  After visiting the main business stone calligraphy exhibition hall desert stone crystal.

  Scenic spots set to ride back to yinchuan, the end of a pleasant journey.

  Feeling amorous feelings of home, explaining xixia civilization - a day at the ningxia amorous feelings

  At 7:30 in the morning to "western garden" is located in yinchuan xixia district Beijing west road, xixia square in xixia character and style garden, is the famous xixia ceramic art show, at the same time of visit to the scene experience xixia garden of the grand northwest exclusive Ma Zhan performance of real fire xixia, pottery making, folk performances, reproduce the scene of summer liao north-west rivals.

  At 10:30 to show first garden hui islamic history and culture of the national AAAA level scenic spot "the Chinese home culture" is the only to show the national development and reform commission approved the construction of the national advanced culture, carry forward the hui and Islam as the theme of comprehensive cultural tourism scenic spot; Also is the only place where the hui culture display area;

  12:30 to use after lunch to be listed as "the most significance of Chinese civilization the archaeological discovery", one of the national AAAA level scenic area tunnel ditch / ‐ (including scenic camel car, donkey carts, boats, tractors and other small traffic) recorded the activity of three years for the human life cycle. Can enjoy the life of eternity, the miracle of nature changes.

  The end of the same back to yinchuan city, pleasant journey.

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